Bright and Fresh Colors!

Good day to you....

I love the color turquoise, so I went through the insane mess of photos on my hard drive that have yet to be blogged and put together this bright and fresh post for you!  Some turquoise inspiration...  I'm in love with the visual interest and personality that varying shades of turquoise lend each room in this post.  Turquoise is definitely an exhilarating color that can be added to a multitude of spaces, it may seem bold at first but with a little inspiration you just might learn to love it too (if you don't already that is)!

what a chandelier.... *sigh*

boy am I loving the touches of Moorish architecture in this space, and of course the beautiful Ikat upholstery fabrics too!

(All images via a Google image search, or where otherwise noted in name of image file)

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