Beautiful Bedrooms: Part II

Good Afternoon :)
I'm about to make some Cuban coffee and English Muffins!!   
*stomach growls* 

Here I am at the end of my Thanksgiving vacation weekend and it's gone by pretty darn quick, like most long weekends, however I did get to relax (ahem, sleep a lot) which is good.  I'm not exactly thrilled about getting back to the grind tomorrow, but that's life.  How has your weekend been?

This post marks Part II of my Beautiful Bedrooms series - see Part I right here.  If your bedroom isn't the relaxing sanctuary it should be, scroll on for some breathtaking bedrooms that I think will inspire and motivate you to make it one!

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(All images via a Google image search, Elle Decor Magazine, and other unknown sources)

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  1. Oh my god, I would love my bedroom to look like either the second or fifth picture. If I wasn't sharing it with a dude then I would pick some of the other ones too, lol. My husband doesn't like me getting too floral, lol. I love your blogs. Always so pretty and unique.