Beautiful Bedrooms Part I


Ooooh la-la!  It's a beautiful sunny day here in Miami and the weather is nothing short of perfect (not too hot not too cold)!  So, I'm in a great mood, woohoo!  Plus, on Thursday my cousin is coming down from Georgia to visit and we're planning a huge family de-cluttering (or de-hoarding, hehe) garage sale for the next two weekends!  Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we find the time to hit up some other peoples' garage sales as well..  Scratch that!  I KNOW we will!  Believe me, I know that sounds like a de-cluttering contradiction but what can I say, it's our addiction!!  

What else is on the agenda for the upcoming weekends besides having garage sales?  Well, I know for sure that us women will be doing a lot of cooking, sharing recipes and eating out (yes, Thai food and Dim Sum!), and certainly plenty of oohing, ahhing and chatting throughout our gardens....  Shopping is inevitable too, though my cousin and I stick to Goodwills, Salvation Armies, Craigslist, a place downtown called The Barn, thrift shops and as mentioned before, garage sales!  Wheeeeee....

*Sigh*  I'm excited, but anyway, moving on....

Today I would like to share Blissful Bedrooms Part I, a compilation of inspiring images showing well designed and decorated bedrooms.  There are so many amazing ways to decorate a bedroom that it's hard to choose!  Whether it be the furniture, art, textiles, paint colors, lighting or decorative accessories, each of the bedrooms in this post has a striking element of beauty that defines it.  A bedroom is a sanctuary, it's a private place that should make you feel happy and comfortable - so I say forget styles and trends, stick to the things you love!  Don't be afraid to mix patterns, colors and styles for a great global eclectic feel!  Enjoy!

(PS - if you ever see an image repeated on this blog it's because I intentionally chose to post it again due to its eye-pleasing beauty and because it applies to a new blog post theme)


(All images in this post were sourced via Google image search)

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