Garden Photos: Contrast Colors and New Planters!

Hi there!  I'm excited to share these images of my plants with you... a slew of pictures from my garden, some new and some old.  First off, my Mealy Bug plant pest issue seems to have subsided for the time being, thank goodness, read more about that here.  Second, two weeks ago I took a day off from work to take my mom to a doctor's appointment and ended up doing something I rarely do while sitting in the waiting room - waste time on my iphone, haha.  I opened up a forgotten free application called the Black and White Camera and began, a bit obsessively I might add, editing garden photos.  

I have always loved black and white photography for its drama and sophistication, and as you can see above, it makes an amazing plant photo even more amazing!  Ah yes, my beloved Echeveria Glauca succulent, which I like to call my "bloomin' onion," she is quite the showgirl!  It's incredible how many different stages of beauty she has gone through, check out the transformation in this post.  Below are two additional pictures from when this succulent was in bloom and her first baby wasn't so big yet, I enhanced the colors to make them more vivid.  Amazing plant!

There are other pictures in this post that I edited the color contrast on, I think the change brings out the incredible green and purple hues of my cacti and succulents, don't you think??  And last but not least, the dim and grainy (terrible quality) photos at the end of this post are pictures I took before the sun went down a few days ago (it was overcast so there wasn't much sun - as you can tell) just to show you my new planters and just how purple some of my succulents have gotten, especially my Kalanchoes, they're gorgeous!

This weekend I plan to take better quality photos when the sun is shining bright (hopefully - you never know here in Miami!), but in the meantime let me know what you think of my new succulent/cacti planters!

Echeveria Glauca succulent - in contrasted colors (above) and enhanced color (below)

Brightening the colors in this image brought out the vivid blood red color of the flower on this creeping cactus...

A vividly green view from the top of my Kalanchoe Serrata, a.k.a. "Magic Tower," found growing in wild abandon by the side of the road after weeks of curious rubber-necking in bumper-to-bumper traffic on my way home!  Read all about how I finally decided to stop and grab some for myself in this post!

Can we say INCREDIBLE?  I love how contrasting the colors in this image made all the colors so vivid!!

Just look at those pinks and purples!!!  And of course, the vibrant turquoise lip of the planter is fabulous too :)

ooooh oooooh!  See the little baby Echeveria growing in the shadow of its momma on the right?? *love*

Fabulous purple Kalanchoes in the background....

Here are a few not so recent photos of my garden, but the color contrasting gives them all new life...hehe....

These are the tips of my lovely Hawaiian Portulaca....

A not-so-sharp close-up of one of my Aloe's...
(until I get a new camera my iphone camera must suffice)

Gorgeous sunlight in this photo....


 And again... because this plant is so damn marvelous!


 And again... just because...

Take a look at this plant a few months ago.... 
(the one in the green planter in the background)

and take a look at it now.... taller and purpler..... :)

Okay, here are the new planters I finally got around to doing two weekends ago (before my family emergencies occurred), sorry, I wish my pictures were better but I just didn't have the patience to hold off sharing them with you until I can take better pictures, so here goes...

New Planter #1

New Planter #2

New Planter #3

New Planter #4

These guys are hangin' out happy because I finally got around to planting them in pots!

Darn, I wish this photo wasn't so dim and grainy because the colors could have been amazing.... :(

My red Buddha head chillin' out next to my planters and a cute little metal bench that my grandmother gave me from her yard... It was black and I spray painted it yellow, what a difference (sorry I didn't take a before picture) I love it!


(All images in this blog post are my own personal photographs)


  1. WOW Catherine, your succulent garden is have done a wonderful job of planting, grouping and nurturing your garden plants. I am not surprised though, cause you always do great when you set your mind to something. Happy gardening.

  2. I am in love with succulents too.
    They inspired me to become an artist.

  3. Hi Carin, thank you for your comment! Oh my, your paintings are FANTASTIC! I'm so glad you shared the link to your Etsy store, fabulous work! Would you mind if I did a artist feature post on you and your work? Let me know, take care.