Moroccan Inspired Interior Design Part II

Helllllooooooooooo out there!

I have been looking at the statistics for my blog and I am thrilled to see I have readers ALL over the world! India, Spain, Netherlands, Thailand, Brazil, Poland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Germany and Mexico just to name a few. Wow does that make me smile from ear to ear! Many thanks to all of my readers here and around the world!

With that said, I am in a bohemian state of mind today, as always - ha! During my manic internet browsing over the weekend I stumbled upon way too many gorgeous images with the same theme: Moorish Architecture and Moroccan interior design and decor! (You might even notice the few images that I left out of my Pretty in Pink post because they fit in perfect with this them.) It's no secret that anything Moroccan puts a happy sparkle in my eye! I have yet to see viewers from Morocco on my stats, rest assured as soon as I do you'll read about it right here - I'll be squealing with joy! Hehe...

So I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!! It was gorgeous here in Miami yesterday but unfortunately today it's rainy and gloomy, definitely a day for staying home in bed! Grrr, oh well! :)

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I used the above picture in a past post, but I couldn't help throwin' it out your way one more time, it's just too pretty so I can't resist! I don't know what I love more: the floor, the decorative window grate, the lantern or the corner wrapping window seat! Ahhh... I wonder what kind of street that window overlooks! *sigh* :)

Wow, is this not the most perfect hookah lounge? *LOVE*

(All images via Google image search)