Artful Arrangements


I love this collection of framed photos above, looks like antique pictures of sports teams, military units and/or school classes, etc... Actually, my aunt has one of my great aunt's unit when she was in the Army, she has it displayed in a funky grouping of framed family photos. Now that I think of it, I'd love to get a copy of it one day, and perhaps I can track down one of my father from his Navy days. Ok I'm getting off track.....

For me, art on the walls is an imperative component of a stylish and cozy room, not to mention a great form of self expression. Whether it be framed art, botanical/animal prints, collages, photography, mirrors or just shadow boxes, antique keys and shelves littered with vases and trinkets, I find that grouping a combination of any and all of these items makes for a great eclectic and bohemian feeling space. Although, ultimately that depends on the nature of the art and objects that constitute the wall art, as well as the surrounding space.

When I hang art vignettes/groupings/arrangements on my walls it ends up looking bohemian eclectic because I don't go out of my way to do things like frame everything in black or one other consistent color (like in some of the following images), although I do like that look. I have had to force myself to follow the rule of "JUST HANG IT!" because if I plan to refurb/DIY a frame or modify a piece of Goodwill/thrift store/garage sale art it in any way it will sit around forever, so I just hang it and then when it starts to get to me I take it down and do it. Anyway, I have come to love a eclectic and somewhat chaotic wall of art, mirrors, trinkets and decor.

With all that said, scroll on for some delightful, inspirational arrangements of wall art and decor and of course the living spaces that surround them. If you are having trouble getting things on your wall, I know how intimidating it can be, so try a trick that my aunt taught me: face your target wall and arrange your art and objects on the floor in front of it... Go adding and removing and envisioning it all against the wall. It seems to work for me, though most of the time I just do it in my mind, because I'm nuts like that.

Ok ok enough rambling, scroll on and enjoy!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking when you look at this next photo...? GREAT IDEA... I have been wanting to hang some antique silver serving utensils for some time now, I think I'll frame them in a shadow box!..............

I especially love this last image, it's not only the gorgeous botanical art, but the overall feel of the room... I think it's the colors....

(All images found via a Google key word image search)