The Beatles: Lyrical Art and Graffiti

The Beatles by Richard Avedon

Hello all, I know I've been missing in action this week and I'm sorry! To be honest I just haven't had the juice for it... you know, I've been wrapped up in life. Does that ever happen to you? I'm positive the answer must be yes because I firmly believe all human beings are the same deep down. With the world we live in today it's easy to get overwhelmed and carried away, there's a barrage of digital information at our fingertips, thousands of channels and crazy things happening in the world every day. Also, there's that thing called WORK! Yeah, work can drain me mentally and take away my desire to blog, grrr.

Anyway, today is Thursday and I am back! Hooray it's Thursday and tomorrow is Friday wheeeee! So, what have I been up to while wrapped up in life's little treasures? That's a question I will answer in my next post. For now I hope you will all enjoy this post on various images I have collected from the web, the common theme being the amazing and wonderful group The Beatles. I love their music and all of the art and other forms of self expression it inspires, it's truly indicative of the everlasting impact The Beatles have had on societies throughout the world!

Since this post is all about them, I started things off with my favorite piece of The Beatles art, the psychedelic portrait titled in their name by Richard Avedon (above). What's not to love about all of those funky poses and psychedelic colors?? Besides, you know I love this art because I have it in my art den at home! Take a look:

What's that I hear? You love The Beatles too and want this art in your home!? You could print them out like I did and [impatiently] frame them (they don't look too polished up close!), or you can go bigger and better (and probably really expensive and do this (as seen in my brief post last Monday):

Either way it will look good, I was just too impatient and I wanted my own Richard Avedon trippy Beatles art too much to wait! Hey, it suits me just fine for now, but perhaps one day I will get a bigger version!

Anyway, as you will see, the following images are a montage photography, graffiti and artwork which in some way represent The Beatles and their music, "All you need is love" seems to be the most popular lyric used, but I really love this first one... I couldn't agree with The Beatles more, you got to be free!

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This is the actual sign and gate for Strawberry Field in Liverpool, England....

...covered in graffiti from all of the Beatles lovers around the world :)....

I really like this one....

".....but I'm not the only one... I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will be as one!"

I really love this lyric.... couldn't be more true!
"The love you take is equal to the love you make"

I wanna live in a Yellow Submarine, a Yellow Submarine.... I'm lovin' this art and the metal heart peace sign too...

This funky piece is a paper cutout art by Pinky Vision....

These pieces below are by an artist named Chepita and I found them on Flickr.......

And last, you might remember these images which I have featured in past posts....

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((All images via Google image search, WeHeartIt, and Flickr)


  1. Thanks for the stroll down Penny Lane...I have loved the Beatles for as long as I can remember and appreciate how their music evolved over the years, as they did individually, and still managed to remain timeless and inspiring.

  2. dang this blog rocks my socks off.