Wycinanki: Polish Paper Art

Polish Wycinanki Paper Art via here

What is Wycinanki you ask? Why it's what they call the art of paper cutting in Poland! Isn't it beautiful? The colors are vibrant and the flower and animal shapes are so delicate. Wycinanki is pronounced Vee-chee-nun-kee, it originates from sheepherders that would cut out designs from materials such as leather and tree bark as far back as the early to mid 19th century.

The types and amount of colors used in Wycinanki paper art vary by region, they are often used as decorations for the home, furniture and even as gifts. Wycinanki paper art mainly feature various types of birds, such as peacocks and roosters, as well as flowers, popular holiday scenes and circular or star shaped medallions. Today, some cities and towns in Poland still hold Wycinanki paper cutting contests to find the most talented design. Cool huh? There is no shortage of beautiful things to discover and learn about on this earth!

I like this paper art much better than Origami!

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(All information on Wycinanki via Wikipedia)


  1. These are incredible! Thank you so much for introducing me to this beautiful art!

  2. Polish folk art is so amazing check out www.beetrootonline.com for lots of fantastic and unique Polish inspired products.

  3. You are very welcome Candy, I'm glad you've seen/learned something new on my blog :)

    Beetroot: thank you for stopping by Inspire Bohemia, I just visited your site and I love it! I particularly like your "LOVE" wall sticker and the use of the Matryoshka Doll in your designs. I have a post on Matryoshka Dolls planned for the future, may I link to your site and feature some of your product images? Thank you for sharing!

  4. I am glad you like our site - we like yours too. You may of course link to our site and feature our Baba dolls we'll look forard to reading the post.

  5. I love this post! I forgot about how much I love this folkpaper art, my mother is Polish and we had a book full of these colorful paper-cuttings.

  6. I found a link to your blog via google images when looking for Wycinanki examples. I just started a Polish folk art course and have begun making these. I love the colors and the designs and they're fun to make! I decided to "follow" you after I read what you're inspired to post about. Thanks for sharing your bohemian vision!

  7. I'm Polish ... it's nice to see traditional wycinanki here :)

    If you like it, you should check traditional Polish mountains art and fashion. It's beautiful.

    Try to Google such things as:

    -Góralska chusta
    -Góralskie korale
    -folklor łowicki

    Greetings from Poland ;)

    If you have some questions, write me:

  8. how about www.cutpasted.co.uk

    Bristol based Polish artist cutting people's images stencil lookalikes- have a look

  9. How lovely! Germany has a similar paper art called "scherenschnitten". These images feel so homey, guess it's the handmade element.

  10. Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you liked this post!

    I'll check out all of your suggestions, thank you so much for the info.