My Sunflower BLOOMED!

Yesterday I was over at my mom's house and she informed me that one of the baby sunflower plants I gave her had bloomed. I was so excited! I ran to the spot in the yard where she planted them next to the garden dragon.... Woo hoo!!!

If you didn't catch my past posts on the gradual (or shall I say rapid!) growth of my sunflower plants from seeds to sprouts and now to bloom, check out this post , this post and this post.


  1. Hey, cute bloom there, missy!!! I am enthralled with your Moms Oyster Plants of my favorite plants of all times. My Mom and friends hate them and call the "weeds"...shame, shame...they are so cool and hip! Give your Mom a high five from me!!!
    Love the serpent as well...:)

  2. I wish I could find these sunflower seeds again...this sunflower is different than what I normally see..anyways, it is so pretty and dainty.

    Thanks Julie, these oyster plants that you refer to have sprouted everywhere,I never planted them to begin with but they are so elegant looking and I pull them up by the roots and place them in my schefellera trees and elsewhere in the yard that need a little color/ground cover.