Woodstock oh Woodstock...

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Unfortunately I started this blog post a few days after August 15, 2009 (the forty year anniversary of Woodstock) and for some reason never posted it. I figure what a shame to not share these pictures, so here it goes, better late than never, a little tribute to Woodstock....

August 15, 2009 marked the forty year anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival back in 1969... For some reason I have always felt this personal connection with the whole idea, for as long as I can remember I've wished that I could have been a young adult in that era so as to have experienced the whole movement of peace and love. But, just as they are not now, things were not a perfect picture of love, peace and happiness back in 1969! However, that's a whole other story, a tornado of social and political fury that could set this blog on a whole other path... hehe. On another note and, last but not least and for the record, I would love to have been groovin' on one of those hills at daybreak as Jimi Hendrix graced the universe with his amazing talent! Jimi is my utmost favorite musician of all time, I love the lyrics in his songs and the ferocity of his guitar. Expect a future post on Jimi Hendrix!

Anywho, here are some images that I've collected in tribute to Woodstock. Inspiration for the hippy in all of us!

peace, love, music, Woodstock, hippy, hippiesThis bus is perfect for my next road trip! ;)

peace, love, music, Woodstock, hippy, hippiesShe was definitely having an amazing time... :)

peace, love, music, Woodstock, hippy, hippiesThat's me in the red shirt on the bus! ... In my past life, ha!

Jimi Hendrix, classic rock, peace, love, music, Woodstock, hippy, hippies
Jimi Hendrix… the man!!

peace, love, music, Woodstock, hippy, hippies
Happy Hippies

peace, love, music, Woodstock, hippy, hippies
Woodstock by Burk Uzzle (1969)

This photo became famous after it was used for the cover of the first Woodstock album... Check out the photographers website to see other photos of Woodstock.

(All photos courtesy of Flickr.com)

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