Random jewelry storage ideas that I love.....

You know, as much as some people resent Martha Stewart for what she did, you've got to give the woman MAJOR credit for her ability to build such a massive creative brand! And, to be honest, I can only hope to be half as successful as her because come to think of it... I would love to create a design empire like hers! In the past I don't think I've flipped through her magazine more than twice, maybe (I'm more of an Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home gal)... but on the way to Europe my mom and I bought a few design magazines at the airport for the plane ride and let me tell you, Martha Stewart Living has beautiful images, ideas and recipes! Anyway, I perused her website for a while when I got back from my trip and I stumbled upon some ideas for creatively storing and displaying your jewelery - the images are beyond inspiring!

Over time, my jewelry starts to pile up and get wildly messy on my dresser. Currently I try to keep the majority of it in this awesome wooden box that is actually for Spinneybeck leather samples, but it always trickles out onto my dresser. When I worked for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Design Department as the Design Librarian I got to keep the box when we moved because they were going to throw it out, it's a great box, it has three drawers with magnetic closures and red leather pulls, removable wooden dividers and a red leather carrying handle on top... But as perfect as it is, I still have the issue of "out of sight out of mind," therefore I really like displaying as much of my jewelry as possible in creative ways OUTSIDE the box - so I can see it, all thus not forget about it and actually wear it! With that said, I like these ideas..... more projects for my list of projects... what else is new!? :)

Funny thing is, I have oodles of little ceramic bowls and dishes from Turkey, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and all of the other fifteen or so European countries that I've been to so far! Now, if only I had one large drawer to do this and display them all neatly in.... hrmmmm...

This hanging shadow box display for jewelry is a DIY project using decorative wallpaper, hooks and a wooden wine/liquor crate, the instructions can be found under Stylish Jewelry Storage at Martha Stewart's website. I have two wine crates at home that I use to stack my DVD's and the boyfriend's PS3 games in, but lately I've been considering changing their purpose to this.... hehehehehe....

And last, this is not really a new concept to me, but I it's still one I love and have yet to replicate! So simple and so organic.... :)


I want to show you ideas from other sources so I did a quick Google image search on creative jewelry displays and found these......

According to the blog All Things Austin Design, this was made from some random sticks found after a storm by artist Gadora Wilder, who reinvents old furniture and objects. Check out her blog Gadora Wilder: Refashioning Life's Furnishings.

This is a picture from Flickr ... the frame contains a piece of knitted fabric which acts as the base for which to hang earrings on.

From Red and Black's How to Make Creative Holiday Gifts here is framed chicken wire... voila, instant jewelry hanger!

From Design*Sponge comes this clever DIY idea to conceal your jewelry... I think it's so cool (with a nicer piece of art of course, harhar). Check out the full how-to instructions here.

Also from Design*Sponge is a DIY how-to guide on making a jewelry display bust... so if you don't have a real one like the one pictured in the Martha Stewart ideas above (first image in blog) then have at this project ladies!!!

This beautiful DIY jewelry display is from Lost Button Studio, it's so so pretty.... and how I wish I had an entire table to dedicate to my jewelry display!!

And last but not least, for those of you that want something funky like the ideas above but don't want to make it yourself... I found a store on Etsy called Nishka's Niche that sells these and they look pretty cool:


  1. I really like the bust for necklaces best!!! That is a great idea! Next time I see one somewhere I'm gonna get it for my daughter!!!

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  3. Really nice ideas.. I have always loved bowls..I am careless with my jewelery so one can find a lot of bowls around my house :)