Acidanthera a.k.a. "Peacock Orchid" & Sunflower Update

"Hen and Chick" Succulents in a ceramic Mediterranean blue planter

Back on that day when I visited my grandmother last week, I also took a trip to Big Lots with her and was surprised to see some of the very same bulbs that I found at the dollar store! Except, these bulbs had a slightly different pamphlet design and cost $3.00! HA! Anyway, I didn't buy them of course, but I rifled through the box like a nature crazed weirdo reading all of the flower names and admiring the pictures! Hehehehe... Well, it's a good thing I did because I found my Acidanthera bulbs, however they weren't called Acidanthera they were called Peacock Orchids! Whoa! I suppose that's their nickname because after a quick Google image search on Peacock Orchid oodles of matches turned up! I really like that nickname because I think Peacocks are oh so beautiful!

I'm starting to think perhaps I jumped the gun with the bulbs, I should have planted more than four (as suggested on the card - mass planting for more visual appeal and fullness) and in a deeper pot ... Oh well, we will see how they look when they bloom, this is my first experiment with bulbs, I'm learning as I go....

So yes, here are some update photos for those Acidanthera Peacock Orchids, the "jumbo" Sunflowers (in the making) that I've grown from seeds and a few other members of the nature gang on my balcony, HA! :)

They're gettin' all fuzzy!!....

Little babies!!!... I love it... succulent babies poppin' out on top.......

and from underneath!....

The array of succulents I planted together int his big ceramic planter are really starting to regain their succulence (hehehe..) and color... they're thriving, yay!....

This is just a quick snapshot of all my little indoor cacti, it's a collection as you can see. Also in there is one hen and chick leaf that I've propagated into a new plant...

That pretty little pink flower will probably open up while I'm away in Europe.... I hope Ivan notices and takes a picture for me!! ;)



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