My Grandmother's Garden

The other day on my way home I stopped to visit my abuela (my grandmother), I figured she was probably lonely since my aunt has been in Germany on business for a few weeks now. While I was there I snapped a bunch of quick shots of the many blooming flowers, plants and succulents throughout their yard. You see, this yard goes way back to when my great grandparents bought the house, my great grandmother (on my mother's side) loved to be in the garden planting, pruning and propagating nature! I can only imagine that it was her who influenced and inspired my grandmother in that same department following her marriage to my grandfather. After my great grandmother passed away my aunt bought the house from the family and continued living there with my grandmother, who continued caring for the yard and all of its beautiful and diverse array of plants. Today, my aunt has restored the house and made many improvements, but my grandmother is still the master gardener on premises! There are a few pictures of the front of the house where my aunt has had beautiful large rocks brought in and my grandmother has worked her magic getting a bunch of Bromeliads to grow from all of their cracks and crevices! Over the years this yard has no doubt gone through a multitude of changes, yet it always thrives due to the love with which the women in my family have cared for it.... See for yourself....

Here is my grandmother, excitedly pointing out the blooming flowers on this plant that my cousin gave her many years ago. She is quite proud of the fact that she grew it from a small piece into this large beauty! :)

This is another shot of the stunning flower of the Frangipani tree/plant....
(also pictured above at a different angle)

I love the way the sun is changing her Donkey/Burro's Tail succulent vine all sorts of pinka nd purple!

As I mentioned in my previous post on my mother's garden, the tile border around the doors was my aunt's idea for a bunch of gorgeous tiles that were being thrown out when we worked for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line design department. It turned out to be a great outdoor decorative statement!

As you can see here my aunt has worked her design magic at the back door entrance to the house with this beautiful stone plaque that could be hooked up as a fountain... The best part is the planter hanging under it which is burgeoning with hen and chick succulents blooming flowers! Love it!

Hen and Chicks Echeveria succulents.... growing like WILD FIRE in every corner of her yard! *swoon*

Large Snow Bush.....

Fuchsia purple Bougainvillea bush ....

Ground orchid just like the one out on my mother's pool deck....

Get a load of this wild rosemary bush!!!! This thing grows so happily in her yard, she always tells me that it's mine because she planted it from a small Rosemary plant that I bought when I lived with her and my aunt a few years ago, WOW!....

This gorgeous flower is from the Jolla plant/vine.... simply perfection!

.... the picture really doesn't do it justice, it's so precious it almost looks fake!....

Her collection of pretty bird feeders....


  1. Sweet tribute to your gr-grandma and abuela's yard and tender love of plants. Grandma must be smiling down so happy to know that she has recruited/inspired yet another nature lover and green thumb in the family.

  2. Katherine FullerMay 4, 2010 at 3:23 PM

    Thanks Catherine, Truly a wonderful tribute to all of us Fuller woman, strong with good hearts. I wish I had the desire to garden like you, Carol, my mother and Grandma, I do like to use them in my decor, Therefore, this is how I will contribute. I will continue to buy beautiful planters and urns as well as decor for everyones garden,,, BABY

  3. Katherine FullerMay 4, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    Thanks Catherine for this wonderful tribute to all of us Fuller women. We are all very strong and have good hearts. I wish I had the desire and the drive to garden as you, Carol, my mother and Grandma. I can only contribute to the design and decor. I will continue to give all planters, urns, flower, orchids and other decor elements for your beautiful gardens. Thanks again. Love, BABY

  4. OMG! So much beauty to look at and be immersed in! It amazes me to see many of the same plants there as bloom at the same my jasmine and hers! I absolutely adore Hoya plants...what a beautiful umbrel of flowers! Did you note a light sweet smell to them??? These are a pretty color too!