The fruit of my weekend....

Here's a brief little peek at what I did this weekend... The weather was pretty nasty for the most part, but that didn't stop me from throwing open the sliding doors and plopping myself on the floor right at the edge of the threshold to my balcony for some experiences with mother nature! Like I said before, I've come to find planting seeds and re-potting plants very therapeutic and I can understand why, for as long as I can remember, that's where the women in my family love to be! So yes, that's what I did this weekend... :)

This one is my favorite........... I transplanted a succulent into a yellow ceramic McCoy container that my mom gave me. It's precious!!!!

....Aaaaand..... I filled a few more of the glass containers that I got at the dollar store.....

....... so now they form a cute little set that is currently sunbathing on the windowsill of my arts and crafts room!.....

These two are just hangin' out, a bit bitchy because there is no sun....

And I found this little sign at a Dollar Tree store... I LOVE IT!!! HEHE....
Oh yeah, and at the Dollar Tree they also sell those glass water globes (as advertised on TV) that you stick in your plant for automatic watering... but they are mini size... I guess for smaller plants... they are great!!


  1. Oh what a garden you've created...I love the sunbathing beauties in your den. Thanks for the tips/ideas.
    Love you.

  2. adorable garden in the sky! Keep on weeding darling! LOL!!!

  3. keep on weeding.... YES, they can creep up on you, take over, do away with everything else. CONTROL THOSE weeds!

  4. This sign made me smile, because this spring I could not bring myself to weed the yard, and I had at least 6 or 7 different beautiful types of weeds that I really enjoyed for about a month! It looked like a meadow in one of my side yards!

    Love your new succulent pots/plants! They are just so sweet!

  5. Thank you ladies!! :) I learned from the best mama!