Let's make things quite informal here...

I've thought a lot about the formality of this blog and I've concluded that I want it to be pretty informal... Personally, I don't believe that labels or names necessarily matter when it comes to designing ones personal spaces. I know it's a rebellious declaration, but that's how I honestly feel about design, and fashion, and a few other things in life. Of course, I'm not referring to building your own home or doing a renovation, or high-end Interior Design, such as in Hospitality, Corporate, Commercial design [and so on] where good design goes hand in hand with excellent product/resource research and selection (and enough $!). No no, I'm talking about designing your own space and not limiting that design by only buying trendy, pricey or brand new furniture, lighting or decor. 

New things don't always have the quality one expects from a new item, nor do they have the character that thrift/used/antique pieces often do. Also, new things can be like a new car... it seems great at first, but suddenly everyone has it and before you know it it's just not as special and unique as you had originally thought! Sound familiar? Well, I've experienced that with a few pieces of furniture and more than enough decor! In the end, I always end up cherishing my antiques, garage sale, thrift store and Goodwill treasures that much more. The way all of those things come together over time, mixed in with my personal art, trinkets from world travels and family antiques is so unique, it's my bohemian heaven!

I do not see the merit in letting designer labels dictate the boundaries of my artistic visions! I appreciate things with character and stories, things that are old, rustic, used, discarded, found and passed down. I enjoy shopping at stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, Ross and all of the thrift shops, Goodwills, Salvation Armies and antique stores that I find around town. I'm looking for the beautiful bargain, not the 'costs an arm and a leg' designer chair/table/etc. Oh no no, design is much more intricate than that, it doesn't happen in a few hours, it happens over time! After all, if you went out tomorrow with a bunch of money and tried to buy everything to design a room all at once, you'd be sadly mistaken to think you'd be designing the best room possible, no matter the budget. I think good design takes time, you must build on it little by little, as frustrating as that can be. 

That brings me to the second and final reason why I believe names and labels don't matter when it comes to personal design: I need to keep with the spirit of my blog! When reading/viewing my blog I plan to keep you all outside the boundaries of convention by saying guess what, it doesn't matter whose living room/patio/office/bedroom/etc that is, it doesn't matter who designed it or where all of the little accessories and furniture are from so you can click and buy it.... it's just inspiration! Observe it, study it, and take away from it what you will. Whatever it may be, even if I inspire you to stare in awe and dream of moving to a far away land, or finally get around to hanging up some artwork in your home! 

When there is something that warrants detailed citing and explanation, rest assured all the information will be in order. I always disclaim images that are not my property, though lately I have only been using my personal photographs and veering away from external images in an attempt to avoid regurgitating the same-ol' same-ol' and produce original inspiration. In essence, I'm just letting you know that I want you to be creative, be original, look through my blog posts and get to thinking what YOU can do at home to make your space a better reflection of who you are and the things you enjoy (if it's not already). And hey, if it already is, just know that it doesn't hurt to constantly keep evolving and articulating ones style - as well as to keep moving around furniture, lighting, art and accessories! Keep it fresh, change your things up and remix them a little for a renewed sense of order, inspiration, and enjoyment of your space - work with what ya got. Trust me, I've been impulsively doing this ever since I was strong enough to push a dresser across a carpeted room on my own!

~ Catherine ;)