All I want for Christmas is....

All I really want for Christmas is for Santa to move all my stuff from my current (ground floor) apartment to my new (16th floor) apartment with his sleigh... It would be nice! But since that is definitely not going to happen, I just hope the whole move goes smoothly (ha!).

But anyway, I usually think of things I want all year long but then forget most of them come Christmas time (which is probably a blessing), here is what I can think of at the moment:

- 1 -

Maybe one or two bohemian hippy fashion pieces to add to my wardrobe.... (not that I really need more clothes, shoes, jewelry or purses to drown in!)
I do need sunglasses and sandals though!

Say hippie aye a

Dance of the Yao People

- 2 -

Season 5 of The Office, the most hilarious show EVER!

- 3 -

A Suzani! I want one so bad... They are absolutely gorgeous!

- 4 -

Since mine mysteriously went missing over six months ago, I'll be needing a digital camera...

- 5 -

I don't know how I made it two years in my own apartment without my own vacuum! Borrowing my mother's vacuum is not an option anymore..... I need my own.

- 6 -

This is always good...
(not really -"more money more problems"- but whatever)

- 7 -

And hey, if Santa can find one of these... all the better...

- 8 -

Oh yes, and I can't forget.... This request is for Santa too....

While I'm there I'd like this patio...........

Or this one......

That's the stuff Christmas wishes are made of right there!!!!! haha...

So, what do YOU want for Christmas this year?

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  1. Haha - cute blog..all I can say is if you don't get Santa's help, you will have to settle for the Elves. The patios in Greece are amazingly beautiful. Hope you get all you want for Christmas. Love.