New Apartment Interior Design Inspiration Collage!

So, as I sit and marinate in my anxiousness to inhabit a new apartment (January 2010) with my love-bug, I can do nothing but fantasize about decorating it! Ah, a fresh palette! A blank canvas! Wheeeee! I am overjoyed at the thought.

Anyway, I took the liberty of throwing together a quick little collage of images that I'm going on for color inspiration in the new apartment. It's pretty obvious that I am very much in love with Moroccan and Middle Eastern design, architecture, patterns and so on... Particularly, Ikat and Suzani fabric/patterns, geometric patterns, Turkish Kilims (tapestry or rug), the elegant curves of the stunning architecture and so much more!

I'm thinking about using the turquoise and yellow as accent walls somewhere in the apartment and then adding in additional colors with my accessories and a beautiful rug I found at Ross yesterday... I think it's an 8' x 10' and it has rich colors and ethnic patterns... for only $39.99... it's unbelievable, to find a rug of such size and quality for that price is virtually impossible! I'm thrilled, no doubt!

So yes, the move is approaching and I have already begun boxing and tearing down my bohemian sanctuary... It's a bit depressing, but then I just think about how much better our next abode will be. I aim to find a place with lots of natural light, a washer and dryer in unit, NO CARPET, and a bigger kitchen than the hole in the wall I presently contend with! Ha! Wish me luck!

Here are some of the images from the collage but in full size (I couldn't resist, they're all so pretty):

(Suzani Fabric)

(the Hamsa hand of protection)

(Suzani tapestry)

(Moroccan patterns)

(Suzani upholstered bench)


(Suzani print)

(Moroccan pattern mosaic)

(Kilim upholstered bench)

(Ikat rug)