Decor Desire: Card Catalogs!

Lately I have been seeing Card Catalog pieces of furniture all over design blogs and I must say, I am truly upset that I don't own one! If there's anything to thank for the emergence of such a sweet little decor trend I believe it's computers. Because of computers most libraries no longer have a need for these bulky card catalogs, making them disposable and thus open to functional interpretation by and for the design world. It's a pivotal sign of how the times are-a-changin', on the bright side, it has bestowed a special gift to us design/decor maniacs, hehe.

In my opinion, these card catalogs might as well be considered design superstars due to the extensive and unique variety that surely exist! Also, what could be better than a piece of furniture with a gazillion drawers??? Storage is always important, especially as a collector and hoarder of endless knick-knacks, pens, stationary, color pencils, arts and crafts, and more! I am just burning inside with desire for one of these card catalogs!! In fact, if I were to say that planning a midnight operation to dumpster dive behind Miami's libraries has not crossed my mind I would be lying! I am definitely on a mission to find one....

Just take a look for yourself....

This cute little card catalog belongs to an old friend, she is studying to become a librarian so her love for card catalogs reaches a whole different level. I love her framed art poster and the little white owl too! Thanks for sharing Kristyn! :)

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Bits and Bobbins

Bits and Bobbins (detail)

Janelle Grace

I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deluxa - detail

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  1. oh if you ever ever locate more than you want, please let me know lol really