Inspire Bohemia is born

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting... My name is Catherine and today is the day that I finally decided to move ahead with my plans to create a blog.  I am constantly coming across beautiful things that cause me to overflow with creative energy, and I have such an extensive wealth of interests, ideas, passions, and abilities that I need a big outlet for it all!  And so, Inspire Bohemia is born. 

What will this blog be about? Anything and everything that interests, moves, and inspires me! Ha! Particularly: Interior Design, gardening, succulents and cacti, decorating, travel, food, art, DIY, bargain hunting/shopping, thrift shops, how-to's on revamping spaces in your home, pretty things, photography, fashion, creativity, and anything else that inspires a rich life!  I hope that by doing what I love and sharing all of these things, I can inspire you to live a unique, creative, and passionate life doing what you love.

And so it begins...



  1. Carolina MichelenaAugust 13, 2009 at 4:18 PM

    I want to be the first to Congratulate you on your blog and to urge you to be all that you can be...I think this will be a wonderful vessel for all your creative energy and ideas. Your Dad would be so proud...I Love You more!

    Power to Bohemia!

  2. Here here, best of luck on this endeavor! I look forward to being of any assistance should you need it. Wine, books, food, photography, crafting, design and the occasional political commentary... I'm here for any available guest pieces... You know me :-) Your off to a good start.