DIY Bohemian Shadowbox Art

DIY, shadowbox, art, crafts, coins, repurposed

I love shadowboxes, what's more - I love making my own shadowboxes from repurposed dollar store items and thrifted finds!  What is a shadowbox and what makes it so special?  A shadowbox is a time capsule with a cherished item or collection that one wishes to protect and display.  A shadowbox is a memory that one treasures and wishes to see on a daily basis because it makes them smile.

I don't know about you, but I have many treasured objects and trinkets from my travels and thrifting adventures that I wish to display in an enclosed, dust free environment that minimizes surface clutter and puts hoarding to good use (the story of my life). Enter the shadowbox, the perfect answer to getting your things off a tabletop and onto the wall! Anything goes with a shadowbox, in fact I recently made a trio of DIY Wine Cork Shadowboxes that display a few of the eclectic wine-stained corks I've amassed over the years. Making a shadowbox requires creativity and the ability to think outside the box - pun intended.

My shadowbox obsession began several years ago as I was roaming a non-chain dollar store and happened upon some wood shadow boxes that were painted a hot pink with a tacky fake daisy inside! Not dissuaded in the least, I knew I could transform them using simple acrylic and "puffy" paints, wall covering and leather samples hoarded over the course of my Interior Design career, and coins from my travels through Europe - from the pre-Euro days when each country had their own unique beautiful currency. Behold, the results:

DIY, shadowbox, art, crafts, coins, repurposed

DIY, shadowbox, art, crafts, coins, repurposed
DIY, shadowbox, art, crafts, coins, repurposed
Here are the completed shadowboxes on display, part of an eclectic bohemian gallery wall that I created in one of my past apartments:  

shadowbox, art, wall art, gallery wall, bohemian

shadowbox, art, wall art, gallery wall

The key to a captivating gallery wall is a variety of shapes, sizes, and objects.  I like to call it a bohemian gallery wall because it's artistic, informal, and unconventional:

shadowbox, art, DIY, gallery wall, bohemian

Break all the rules, hang everything your little heart desires...  I like to display all of my artistic creations, little trinkets like this brass hamsa hand, and my father's artwork (the man's face carved from wood):

gallery wall, art, shadowbox, bohemian

gallery wall, art, bohemian

DIY, shadowbox, art, crafts, coins, repurposed

(All images in this post are my personal photographs of my personal artwork.  Please do not use any of these images without my written permission, contact me at InspireBohemia(at)  Thank you!)