Ghent's University Botanical Gardens and Old Graslei Harbor

I'm back with another post on the magnificent medieval Belgian city of Ghent. In case you missed them, you can read my last two posts about Ghent here and here.  Before arriving in Belgium I was in The Netherlands, you can read all about my adventures in the great city of Amsterdam by following the links below:

As I mentioned before, the weather was less than ideal upon our arrival…  So, when the rain finally cleared up and the sun came out, on our second full day there, we were chomping at the bit to rent bikes from the hotel and go exploring.

Kayaking at Sunset in The Florida Keys

I really love kayaking, and canoeing…  When I was younger, my parents took my siblings and I on a camping trip with a bunch of friends and families from my brother's little league baseball team.  We went canoeing down the Peace River here in Florida, and we camped along its banks for a few nights.  I have great memories from that trip, especially because it was an awesome family vacation, one that we took while my father was still alive.  I was pretty enthusiastic about managing the canoe paddle, even when we were steering through rough waters full of lingering alligators!  So, many years later, it's no wonder that I fell in love with kayaking so easily.  I would love to go on another canoeing/camping trip, but for now I'll settle for kayaking through the waters of The Florida Keys whenever I visit my uncle.