Beautiful Bedrooms Part IV

Hi there!

Between part-time work, college classes and lots of reading and writing due each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my Gender and Race class I seem to be dragging a bit on the blogging as I make the transition - sorry folks!  I need to churn out a bunch of in-the-works posts, like a garden update - and it'll mostly be full of plant deaths and tragedies!  Yeah, all the rain and humidity here in Miami during the last month or two has done a number on a lot of my beloved succulents and cacti...  So yes, I've gotta get working on that post, as well as several others.  In the meantime I hope you're all doing well and that you enjoy this post!

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The Window Seat

Hello hello...

I meant to post yesterday but when I tell you that it's only the first week of classes and I've got tons of reading cut out for me I am NOT joking! Sociology courses entail a lot of reading (and writing), a lot of it can be bang-your-head-against-a-wall type stuff, but for the most part I really love it!

Anyway, with all this reading to be done I really wish I had a bright and sunny window seat to plop down on and focus... It's with that thought in mind that I got inspired to do this post! Whether you already have a gorgeous window seat, long for one or have a lackluster one, this post is great inspiration for you. If only we all had a home with architecture that provides a built-in window seat, but hey - we can dream... Or, we can get inspired to build our own or even create the feeling of one with any chair, bench or perhaps chaise lounge paired with some plush pillows, a throw and ceramic stool or side table to rest your books and a snack on. All it takes is a little inspiration and imagination... I really wish I had an appropriate window to work with but I don't, so I'm sending my creative vibes your way!

Have a wonderful day and good luck to those of you in the path of Hurricane Irene... Here in Miami we feel quite lucky to have dodged the bullet, so to speak, because usually we get hit head-on! Although, you never know, the path of the hurricane could dramatically shift... we'll just have to wait and see. Either way, the weather here is still nasty-o! Take care, be safe and be prepared for the worst because you never know right? Better safe than sorry.

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