Good Day Monday!

Good Morning! 

I'm in a fairly decent mood for a Monday morning, it must be because I tuned out reality for most of the weekend!  HA!  Coming back to reality is usually a bummer, but in today's case it's not.  Thank the universe for small wonders!  :)

Anyway, I spotted this image of a beautiful entryway/foyer over on Apartment Therapy and thought I'd share it with you.  Personally, I would choose another entrance table and mirror, but the floor and stained glass paned turquoise door are spectacular!  

Be patient with me as I warm up my engine this week, I have so many ideas on the brain that it's gonna take some time to calm them down and organize them all into cohesive posts.  Also, as I mentioned in my hiatus breaking post the other day, my boyfriend and I are collaborating on a new blog that will cover a range of social issues along with our theoretical analysis and discussion of them.  It's just another outlet for our passions.  As it is we can only discuss them between us for so long before longing for more of an audience!  Here in Miami it isn't easy to find others on our level.  I don't say that in snobby way, I just mean that the prevailing culture here in Miami is very superficial and rides predominantly on image, money and power rather than substance and real life issues.  I know that's a major generalization and does not apply to everyone living in Miami, however from what I have observed and experienced in 26 years here, it certainly applies to A LOT of people!

Okay, I'm not going to get carried away.  I have stuff to do, catch ya later!  ;)


A New Year!

Hello everyone!  Happy New Year!  
Peace, Love and Happiness to you and your loved ones!

Please please forgive me for my long unannounced blogging hiatus!  My end of year move was hectic and riddled with struggles and problems.  But guess what?  It's finally over!  I feel free as a bird and ready to do great things this year.  By the way, that reminds me of a funny little quote I saw floating around on Facebook yesterday....
"Dear God, my prayer for 2011 is for a fat bank account & a thin body. Please don't mix these up like you did last year. AMEN!!"
To be honest, it's hilarious and cute but I know better than to pray to a higher being for such things.  I need to make them happen myself!  I don't care too much for money (" can't buy me love!") but a little to spare would certainly be a relief this year.  As for the thin body, I've gotta hit the gym and tone up, as they say, no more beating around the bush!  I know these aren't exactly original New Year's resolutions, in fact I'm fairly sure they are two of the most common!  However, this year won't just be about saving money and losing weight, it'll be about getting the so-called ducks in a row and fully accepting that at 26 I'm a full-blown adult and there's no turning back.  I've got to start moving forward consistently instead of taking two steps forward and three steps back (it feels like that is what I've been doing for the past few years).  

Except, of course, for Inspire Bohemia, which has been a great leap forward with regard to acting on my passions.  I have my boyfriend to thank for inspiring me to start this blog, and especially for encouraging me to press on when it seemed like I had no audience.  Now, almost a year and a half after I first started Inspire Bohemia I have over two hundred followers and have received a lot of compliments, attention and exposure from all different directions.  For that I am very thankful, it encourages me to charge on and most importantly, it serves as a small personal affirmation that I am headed in the right direction, towards fulfilling my passions and developing the things that I'm good at.

With that said, I know I will always be a work in progress.  I need to gain some peace of mind and do some major self-reflection.  I want to find ways to be happier and improve my life and the lives of those around me that I care about and I want to eliminate as much of the negative from my life and my thoughts as possible.  I need to understand myself better and learn how to control my anger and my snap judgments, my insecurities and jealousies, and my own harsh judgment of myself.  I need to stop overwhelming my mind with the frustrations of how to get where I'm going, how to be all that I can be and all that I'm meant to be  in this life, and how to bring my passions to fruition.  In the words of Paul McCartney/The Beatles, I just need to let it be!  I need to trust my instincts, trust the power of my convictions and trust that continuing to follow my passions, all of them (however scattered they may or may not be) will get me where I want to be and where I should be.  I need to trust that at the end of my life I will be happy with how I've lived it.  Why?  Because at this moment I know that I have not betrayed who I truly am so far in life.  I have not lived a lie or denied myself the things I love to do and the things that I'm good at.  That is why I trust.  Be true to yourself and you will find happiness, even when things are bad and seem insurmountable, they inevitably lead to better things.

Wow, I better be careful or I'll turn this blog into a spiritual and theoretical think tank on life overnight!  And believe me, I can.  I've written a plethora of college papers on everything from Philosophy and The Gordon Rule, ghosts and spirits, Buddhism and other religions, sociological issues, anthropological issues, gender issues, men and women, sexuality, women and sexuality in the media and the list goes on and on!  I have been meaning to start another blog that focuses on those other major interests that are part of who I am on an everyday basis; however, I don't want to mix it in here so as not to drive away those with conflicting views who just want to stop by for some design, decor or gardening inspiration.  In fact, my boyfriend and I are going to start that blog tonight and collaborate on it together.  We are both great thinkers and, in our own way, philosophers... we are both great writers too, so it should be a fun endeavor.  I will keep you posted on the status of that new blog.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out a very interesting site that I stumbled upon yesterday called Thought Munchies.  Thought Munchies is written by an anonymous person and consists of exactly what it is titled - thought munchies, a.k.a food for thought, a.k.a. very interesting ideas, thoughts, observations, perceptions and analysis of various topics relating to humanity and the struggles of life.  It really impressed me.  I find a lot of this person's ideas and thoughts to be profound, insightful and incredibly identical to many of my own thoughts and beliefs.  If anything, it will really get you thinking, hence the name of the site, hehe.  

Oh, and guess what?  It's Friday!  Waaaahooooo!  I hope you've all had wonderful holidays and I wish you nothing but the best for 2011 and beyond!  I'll be back soon with some great posts to kick off the new year.