Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge what has happened in Japan today.  The earthquake and subsequent tsunami are devastating and we still have yet to see the extent of its affect on the rest of the Pacific islands and ultimately, California.  The footage of the tsunami flooding Japan, particularly the airport and farms is absolutely terrifying! Hawaii has been hit already, though I'm reading now that it has not been too bad.  We will see. 

To all of my readers in the affected parts of the world, I hope you are well and I am so sorry for what must be a truly horrible experience.  My heart goes out to the victims of this disaster and their families.  My mind is numb with thoughts about what an incredible disruption this is to the Japanese people, their livelihood, their economy, their infrastructure and just all around everything.  Wow.

I cannot refrain from commenting that I fear for the future of our world given the increase in frequency and intensity of our natural disasters in the last few years.  I wish for peace and compassion, I wish for a great awakening in which humanity as a whole will overcome class, race and religion (and so much more) and change our ways for the better so as to change the direction of our future.  

That is all for now.