Truth and Relativity

A while back, a cousin of mine spoke their mind on Facebook... In essence, what he said was that he cannot help but be truthful to all that are around him, and despite what that truth may be, he hopes it will be met with appreciation. To me, appreciation equates into a level of respect and tolerance for differing views.

I can relate to this idea because growing up, and to this very day, I maintain a strong tendency and willingness to express my ideas/opinions/and observed truths. As well, I avidly defend and elaborate on my views when necessary. As a result of such forthwright self expression there were times throughout grade school that I was criticized and deemed a "bitch" simply for speaking my mind, or justly defending myself or others in a given situation. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if being honest and upfront, rather than indifferent and withdrawn, makes me a bitch then so be it! I wouldn't live my life any other way. Anyway, someone came along and in response to my cousin's status wrote, "The truth is a relative concept..." Inevitably, I was compelled to put in my two cents... Practically everything in life is relative, however I don't believe that one should restrain themselves from expressing their opinions/ideas simply because others may not agree. These days it seems that the strength of ones convictions is often met with intolerance and distaste. There's something about those that would rather admonish and attempt... to silence such self-expressions (rather than stating and articulating their opposition) that disturbs me... almost as if they want to go through life in a haze of conformity and complacency. I admire those individuals that reject that path in life and instead take the more difficult road of individuality and passion.

What do you think about the idea that truth is relative?

Thirfted Vintage and Antique Home Decor

Over the weekend I spent time with my mother, collecting cuttings from her gorgeous succulent plants in the backyard and potting them, then painting the terracotta pots various bright colors, they came out beautiful! This will definitely be a topic all on its own in the near future, with tips and ideas on potting plants and succulents, as well as featuring images of the terrariums I made after inspiration from a post on one of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge. Stay tuned!
I also spent quite a bit of time cleaning up my apartment and remixing a few spaces, such as the dining room. I switched out my current table base with a funky robin egg blue iron table base with bamboo shaped cast legs... someone in my apartment complex dropped it off at the dumpsters just for me to find! score! haha... Anyway, it provides more support for the glass than the other base did and its color (which I originally planned on changing) has grown on me and I think it complements all the funky colors in the space... As for the other table base, I will find another use for it soon. Now that I look at it, the blue table base is in way better shape anyway. The paint is crackling off on this one, I have always meant to repaint it, but its rustic charm always ends up seducing me into procrastination! Now that I don't need to rely on it to hold up anything, I can direct some attention to its renovation! It's an antique piece that I inherited from a great aunt, it is part of a set of two that originally held up a large rectangular piece of glass; however, since my dining area is way too small for that, my mother and and I split up the bases and now we both use them with round glass tops... ;)
The apple green wall features four framed musical instruments (I got these at Big Lots, along with my favorite Beatles art: Richard Avedon portraits of all four Beatles 1967... Since I was so anxious to get that wall done, I printed all four on a regular office printer and stuck them in dollar store wood frames that I painted and jazzed up! One day I will get nice legitimate prints, one day, hehe... And, as a side note, I can't stress enough how much I love the eclectic look of using different dining chairs!!

I cut the palm branch from the palms hanging into my patio and the bougainvillea from the corner of my complex... I love the combination, especially with the dry branches I kept from a past gift arrangement! It's fast, it's easy, it's free and it's gorgeous!

What else? Oh yes, I cleaned my patio! What a pain... My patio is pretty long for an apartment/condo unit, the drainage is bad and since we are on the first floor with palms along the wall of the patio, we get a lot of dirty drip down water during times of heavy rainfall (which is nonstop here these days!). So anyway, suffice it to say it gets nasty so frequently that it's overwhelming! Well, I cleaned it again, I am anxious for the cool weather and I want to spend time on a clean and beautiful patio... I think it looks great, which it always does after I clean and switch around the furniture and pots, but let's see how long it lasts this time!! :)

I accompanied my mother and grandmother to JoAnn Fabrics and (though I don't often look for fabric there because throughout my design jobs I have amassed so much gorgeous fabric, but....) I stumbled upon this awesome print, it looks like Ikat or Native American to me and it was 50% off, coming out to $4.99/yd... I bought two yards and now I'm brainstorming as to what to do with it!

Another surpirse... a peacock! On our way back to my moms we spotted a peacock in a neighbors yard and when we stopped and called to it from our window it came right up to the car! What a treat! It was hungry and its leg looked swollen, so we went home and my expert bird feeding grandmother whipped up some crazy concoction of bread and fruit for him...

Last but not least, my aunt gave me an authentic Lampe Berger Paris scented burner... It looks like a purple onion, my very own "Glass Onion" yeah! Here is a picture of when I first lit the stone to get it going... And, I just noticed, you get a sneak peek of one of the awesome succulents I planted over the weekend. It's in the background in the purple Goodwill ceramic planter I found a few weekends ago. Also on the table are various vintage ceramic containers, the yellow one if from Antique Mall Y'all down south and the salmon pink one with the gold painted knb top was $1.75 at a Goodwill! Score! Oh, and don't mind my Matryoshka dolls lurking... my collection is growing fast, I have two that I bought while in Russia and many others from garage sales! Whee!

Artist Spotlight: Colorful Paintings by Dana Cowie

Milla 2 - Painting

While conducting my daily browse, I came across an artist named Dana Cowie... Her work consists of paintings, drawings, illustrations, concept illustrations, murals, portraits and styling. Not only is her use of color beautiful, but the subjects of her artwork are creatively composed in such a way that conveys a whimsical feeling.

Dana Cowie has worked as a Stylist and Window Dresser, therefore drawing much of her inspiration from past and present fashion. In addition, she also cites family, friends and general social interactions as contributing to the inspiration behind much of her work. Cowie describes herself as a dreamer, and explains that her work tends to resemble that trait in that it is “A little bit all over the place.” Personally, I feel it is important to dream, and especially for those dreams to influence ones self-expression as often as possible... As well, I tend to be a little "all over the place" in my creative expressions and in my aspirations for this life. However, I see that as a blessing that will keep my life rich and full of purpose. With that said, I can very much appreciate Dana Cowie's description of her work!

Special thanks to Dana Cowie for allowing me to use the photographs in this post! Check out her website

And, without further ado...

Toil du joie - Painting
Gemma 2 - Painting
Simplicity 2 - Painting

Nymph 1 - Illustration

Vintage Floral - Painting

Elf - Illustration
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